Renaissance Capital Partners joins forces with NCL Technology Ventures

Building an innovative fund management business

Renaissance Capital Partners, a leading edge family office, completed a sizable investment into NCL Technology Ventures, a venture fund management business based in London, it announced today.  The investment followed a restructuring of the management business to position it to further expand its pipeline of innovative investments.  NCL and RCP have worked together in the past to bring start-up businesses to fruition, in areas such as bio-technology.

Mark Randall, Managing Director of RCP, remarked “This is a prime opportunity to support NCL as it uncovers the next big investments in the UK.  RCP is always on the look-out for opportunities to bring good to the world.”

NCL will use funds from this investment round to fortify its position as the go-to fundraiser and advisor for emerging technology businesses in Kent and the wider area.  Jerry Biggs, CEO, comments that “NCL’s ambition is to become the UK’s leading technology investment and advisory boutique.”

Renaissance Capital Partners Ltd. is a private company established in 2008 to invest funds in high-growth, innovative and entrepreneurial businesses. It now has a diversified investment portfolio across various industries including Robotics, Healthcare, Location Based Services, Clean Tech and Telecoms.

NCL Technology Ventures’ investment philosophy is set to identify high potential technology SMEs within thematic global growth sectors. By applying both experience and capital at an earlier stage than most typical funds, NCL can identify exciting companies, enhance survival rates and extract superior value for our investors.

Alicia Huertas