Year in Review- 2017

RCP saw a successful close to 2017, both in venture capital and real estate development. 

This post is a review of what we did to support our investment strategy over the last 12 months.  Chief Operating Officer Adam Park commented “The year presented several great opportunities- for investing, realising gains and solidifying our niche in what we do”. 

Venture Capital:

RCP continued it’s focus over the last 12 months on high growth, innovative businesses. We put to work close to £2.2m in new and existing businesses, both in the form of equity and convertible debt. At the end of 2017, the portfolio was conservatively valued at approximately £7m.  Highlights included-

·      Adding to our earlier seed funding in AMTE- bringing new energy storage solutions to UK manufacturing. 

·      Backing a convertible note in TC Biopharm, which is focused on beta delta t-cells and their fight against cancer. 

·      Joining the management company for NCL Technology Ventures, to leverage our investing thesis in the life sciences sector. 

Going forward, RCP will build upon it’s focus on emerging technologies that make lives better and emphasise life sciences as a theme for it’s venture capital investments. 

Real Estate

RCP continued to improve the built environment in and around London in 2017.  Our development portfolio saw significant milestones through the-

·      Selling of the remaining flats at our Randall Court development in Elephant & Castle. 

·      Tendering and construction of the Penthouse and Commercial unit at Randall Court. 

·      Final works on Park View, ready for marketing in the Spring 2018.

All of these helped markedly increase the profitability of our projects over the last 3 years.

With funds to recycle into further development projects, RCP put a half-dozen potential sites through our development appraisal process. Most of these didn’t show the necessary ROI to take forward.  But, with dry powder and a buyer’s market, we’re confident that 2018 will unearth several possibilities. 

The built environment of London, and the surrounding counties, is an emerging theme for our development portfolio.  In 2018, RCP will look to focus on bringing premium quality homes to the residents of London. 

Renaissance Capital Partners Ltd. is a private company established in 2008 to invest funds in high-growth, innovative and entrepreneurial businesses. It now has a diversified investment portfolio across various industries including Healthcare, FCFM, Media, Clean Tech and real estate development.

Alicia Huertas