A key focus for RCP is on making the world a better place through emerging biotechnology.  We want to fund start-ups who are developing key technology in the fight against cancer and other debilitating diseases.

Over the last few years, we’ve backed the strong management teams fighting big problems.  Here is a sample:

TC BioPharm is currently developing the closest to market drug candidate in Gamma Delta T cell therapies. These cells are naturally-occurring within the human body, inducing one of the first lines of defense against infectious disease.  Their work focuses on priming these cells to attack and destroy pathogens within the body.  Why is this important? Because TCBio is harnessing the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Centauri Therapeutics is developing new ways to treat bacterial infections.  Many infections nowadays are resistant to existing antibiotics. Centauri is bringing to market new ways for the immune system to find and destroy bacteria and cancers.  Why is this important?  Bacterial infections are responsible for the deaths of 700,000 people worldwide a year.

Micrima has developed the MARIA breast cancer screening system. This imaging system uses harmless radio-waves to detect breast cancer, unlike mammography that uses ionising radiation.  The process gives a clearer picture and is less invasive than the current methodology.  Why is this important?  Because it helps doctors find and treat tumors more quickly by reducing the false positives in current screening. 

And we've been looking at other companies doing things like-

·       Developing 3D printing for orthodontics.

·       Dendritic cell therapies for tumor reduction.

·       Technologies that reactivate the immune system to fight cancer. 

So, if you’re developing new technologies in this space, get in touch.  We want to support emerging biotech efforts to make the world a better place. 

Alicia Huertas