RCP is excited to announce its investment in Azadyne - a spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, based on research into Queuine, a micronutrient.  RCP partnered with the Kent Life Sciences Fund to take a meaningful stake in this very early stage IP-based bio-tech company.

Dr Jason Rutt, the CEO of Azadyne remarked, “Our approach to autoimmune disease has the capacity to provide treatment to a number of diseases with no cure, including MS. “

“This is a prime opportunity to shepherd emerging research out into the world and make a significant impact,” said Adam Park, COO of RCP.

The Kent Life Sciences Fund, represented by Jonathan Synett, CIO added: “Azadyne’s approach to auto-immune disease is unique, and has the potential to be a game changer, in a huge area of unmet need.”

The Opportunity

There are over 30 specific autoimmune diseases with no known cure, that affect around 10% of the world’s population.  Current therapies focus on symptom management, but are often poorly tolerated. An agent which has utility for treating many autoimmune diseases represents a significant commercial opportunity.

Rapidly proliferating cells such as the excessive number of T-cells found in autoimmune disease have been found to be queuine deficient. The research work at TCD by the three Founders has developed a synthetic queuine which potentially dampens down an autoimmune responses. The initial focus has 5 targets: MS, RA, IBS, Ps neurodegenerative issues.

The roadmap for Azadyne is long - it will take several years before the full benefits of this research are felt in medical outcomes - but RCP and the Kent Life Sciences Fund are committed to supporting this important work.

Alicia Huertas