At RCP we receive countless emails with powerpoints (decks) from companies pitching for money.

Dealflow is not an issue for investors, but there is only so much of the day that can be dedicated to reviewing new opportunities.

Therefore, a deck that is clear, focused and concise is more likely to get attention.

Each investor will have their own criteria.  Here’s the information that we look for at RCP:

  • What problem(s) you're solving; why does your company exist, what is the pain point you’re getting paid to solve?

  • Achievements to date; we're unlikely to be your first investor, we like to know what value you've created to date.

  • Roadmap; where is your company going, do you have a clear vision for the future and what success looks like?

  • Use of funds for this finance raise; linking to roadmap, what resources do you need to make it happen?

  • Headline financials; both historic and forecast, ideally 3 years ahead.

  • Brief bios on your team.

A good deck is a foot in the door to a meeting, which is a critical part of our investment evaluation.

If you would like to apply for investment, please get in touch via the website, phone or LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alicia Huertas